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Publication of Top 10 List of
Business and Human Rights Issues for 2013

10 December 2012

Top Ten Business and Human Rights Issues 2013

Just 18 months after the adoption of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, significant progress has been made in integrating human rights concerns into a range of important initiatives by governments, businesses and other actors around the world.

The success of the first annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights highlighted the growing momentum of the business and human rights movement globally. But ongoing protection gaps remain to be addressed and recent reminders of wide scale abuses of fundamental worker rights point to challenges for 2013 and beyond.

These developments, and the results of a public consultation process, provide the frame for today's release by IHRB of our 4th annual list of Business and Human Rights issues to mark International Human Rights Day.

Check out IHRB's short video highlighting this year's issues and the full list to learn more.

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