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IHRB Speeches

John Morrison

Speech delivered by John Morrison to launch the 1.0 version of MegaSportingEvents.org
22 May 2014 | Instituto Ethos, Rio de Janeiro
Mega Sporting Events like the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cups have massive potential for human rights good. They help among other things to create jobs, improve infrastructure, develop housing and regenerate urban areas, and promote healthy lifestyles. But these major events also have human rights impacts. The staging of a mega sporting event will cast light on any host country, including its human rights record...

John Morrison

Business and Ethics in Globalized Value Chains – To what extent is ethical responsibility enforceable and manageable?
26 March 2014
Deutsche Telekom invited The Institute for Human Rights and Business to Bonn to make this keynote speech at the Sustainable Procurement Dialogue Day.

IHRB Patron Mary Robinson addresses UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva

IHRB Patron Mary Robinson addresses UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva
04 December 2013
The second annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights was held in Geneva on 2–4 December 2013.m will be held in Geneva on 2-4 December 2013. Mary Robinson delivered remarks at the closing plenary. She spoke about the UN Guiding Principles, which make clear that all businesses have a responsibility to put in place policies and processes to respect human rights.

John Morrison

Combating human trafficking - business and human rights
10 October 2013
Speech by John Morrison at Wilton Park Conference 1270, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London
Trafficking is an international crime and perpetrators are indeed criminals deserving of punishment. However, to prevent trafficking we need also to think about the relationships where businesses might unwittingly contribute to abuse. In many ways, human trafficking can be understood as the result of “a flawed and abusive recruitment process”...

Mohandas Gandhi

Does Mohandas Gandhi Matter in a Modernising India?
Washington DC, 02 Oct, 2013,
Excerpts from a talk by Salil Tripathi at the India Club of the World Bank in Washington DC, on Oct 2, 2013, Gandhi’s 144th birthday. His talk was accompanied by remarks from Ananya Vajpeyi, distinguished Indian academic and Kluge Fellow at the John F Kluge Center at the Library of Congress.


Business, Human Rights: The International Perspective
CINMIPETROL 9th International Congress of Mining and Petroleum, Cartagena, Colombia, 15 May 2013
Speech by John Morrison, IHRB Executive Director
"Human rights are no longer an optional matter for business in Colombia or in any of the world’s leading economies..."


Business, Human Rights and Peace: Modern challenges in a historical context
FDFA Annual Conference, Human Security Division, 11 Sep. 2012
Keynote Speech by John Morrison, IHRB Executive Director
We know that despite efforts to shape a more secure and equitable world for all, many difficult challenges remain in ensuring that companies act as responsible stakeholders, including in countries experiencing conflict and instability...

John Morrison

Speech delivered by IHRB Executive Director John Morrison
Bogota, Colombia, 16 October 2011
IHRB Executive Director John Morrison was invited by Instituto Ideas para la Paz (FIP) to speak at a conference in Bogota, Colombia [5 pages, 386kb] on 26 October 2011. The event included the participation of the Vice President of Colombia as well as senior business leaders and civil society representatives from around the country as well as UN agencies.

Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson's remarks at the UNEP FI Global Roundtable
Held under the theme “The Tipping Point: Sustained stability in the next economy,” the 13th UNEP Finance Initiative Global Roundtable took place from 19-20 October 2011 in Washington DC. IHRB Chair Mary Robinson introduced the fifth cross-cutting session, entitled Effective Human Rights Due Diligence: From blaming and shaming to knowing and showing.

John Morrison

CSR: Is the government still needed?
Watch the video of the key note speech by John Morrison, IHRB Executive Director, during the debate "CSR: is the government still needed?" organised by the MVO Platform on June 14, 2011. John gives an overview of the challenges of human rights and business and the implementation of Ruggie. He stresses the need of rules, and raises the question if mandatory due diligence will become a new trend.

John Morrison

The Business Case for Human Rights – Values, Expectations and Risk
Speech by John Morrison on 28 April 2011 to a US business audience convened by the US Committee on International Business, the American Chamber of Commerce and International Organization of Employers, and hosted by Coca-Cola in Atlanta, USA.

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