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Nick Killick

Nick Killick

Research Fellow, IHRB

For nearly two decades, Nick has been working with companies, governments, donors and multi-lateral institutions on political and conflict analysis. He has direct field experience in Africa, South and South-East Asia and the former Soviet Union. In recent years, Nick has acted as an independent consultant specialising in fragile and high-risk states.

As an IHRB Research Fellow, Nick focuses on the issue of conflict and high risk zones. His activities have included serving as lead author of IHRB's report From Red to Green Flags: The Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights in High-Risk Countries.

Nick’s previous experience includes serving as the Conflict Research Fellow at IHRB, working as Adviser to PACTA Finland on the Southern Thailand conflict and supporting ICMM’s outreach to member companies on human rights and indigenous peoples.

From 1997-2008 Nick worked for the peacebuilding organisation, International Alert, initially on the Business and Conflict Programme and subsequently as Manager of the organisation’s policy, research and advocacy arm. As Manager, Nick oversaw a multi-national team of 17 people and was responsible for the programme’s strategic direction and fundraising, high-level representation and new project design and development. From 2001-2008, Nick was IA’s representative on the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and served two years on the governance committee.

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Commentary: From Red to Green Flags

How can a company ensure respect for human rights in countries where the government is failing in its own obligations? This question lies at the heart of a new report published today by the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB).

From Red...

02 May 2011

By Nick Killick, Research Fellow, IHRB

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