Guna has extensive experience spanning more than 15 years in the non-profit sector. This includes project management, strategic development, research, investigations and developing partnerships and outcomes with multiple stakeholders in the fields of business and human rights, environmental and wildlife sustainability.

Current work

As Southeast Asia Consultant, Guna is the point of contact for IHRB's Migrant Workers programme in Southeast and East Asia. Guna oversees regular liaison and relationship-building with businesses, national governments, civil society organisations, and their participation in regional multi-stakeholder initiatives, roundtables and the Annual Forum for Responsible Recruitment.

Before IHRB

Prior to joining IHRB, Guna led Issara Institute’s research on the impacts of new programs, laws and interventions, including new government inspection regimes and policies, aimed at addressing forced labour and human trafficking in seafood supply chains, and co-authored the 2018 research paper, ‘Eliminating Human Trafficking from the Thai Fishing Industry: Perspectives of Thai Commercial Fishing Vessel Owners’. He also led Issara's Ethical Recruitment pilot programme, facilitating collaborative meetings with recruitment agencies and supply chain businesses in the garments, seafood and agriculture sector.

Guna has a Masters in International Community Development from Victoria University. His research paper focused on gaps and blindspots of stakeholders involved in addressing human trafficking and forced labour in the fisheries sector in Thailand.