Julia Batho

Julia Batho

South East Asia Programme Consultant, Migrant Workers, IHRB


Julia has over seven years’ experience in the fields of forced labour and human trafficking, including providing expert advice to governments, companies and multi-stakeholder initiatives and conducting research, advocacy and capacity building activities. She has been based in Southeast Asia since 2015, working on improving anti-trafficking responses, promoting migrant workers rights and addressing labour exploitation in global supply chains.

Current Work

In her current role, Julia supports IHRB’s Migrant Worker Programme in Southeast Asia, promoting responsible recruitment and supporting the work of IHRB’s leadership activities with global brands in Thailand and Malaysia. She works closely with state entities, multi-stakeholder initiatives, civil society organisations and major companies across the region.

Before IHRB

Originally from Brazil, Julia worked on the International Labour Organization’s Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour in Geneva between 2009 and 2014. She has also worked as CSR risk analyst in the UK, advising multinational corporations on the implementation of due diligence processes on labour and human rights. In Southeast Asia, she has consulted to several projects addressing forced labour and trafficking issues in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, including in sectors such as fishing, garments and plantations.

Julia is a qualified lawyer and has an MA in Human Rights and Democratisation from the European Inter University Centre, Venice (Italy) and an LLB from Mackenzie University, São Paulo (Brazil).

Workers in global supply chains deserve fair treatment. They should not have to pay to work. Collaboration among leading companies on this issue is critical to inspire and achieve the scale and momentum needed to advance the responsible recruitment of migrant workers globally. Stuart Pann, Chief Supply Chain Officer, HP Inc.

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Commentary: A Year of Growing Momentum to Protect Migrant Rights in Southeast Asia

Today, International Migrants Day, 18 December 2017, is a timely moment to review recent efforts in Southeast Asia on labour migration governance, ethical recruitment, and protection of migrant workers’ rights, particularly in the context of supply...

18 December 2017

By Julia Batho, South East Asia Programme Consultant, Migrant Workers, IHRB

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