Business & Human Rights in Conflict and Post-Conflict Environments

Speech, 26 October 2011

By John Morrison, Chief Executive, IHRB

IHRB Executive Director John Morrison was invited by Instituto Ideas para la Paz (FIP) to speak at a conference in Bogota, Colombia on 26 October 2011.

The event included the participation of the Vice President of Colombia as well as senior business leaders and civil society representatives from around the country as well as UN agencies.

The event saw the launch of guidance materials (Guias Colombia), developed in Colombia through multi-stakeholder efforts, to apply the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to local issues within the context of conflict and post-conflict environments.

During the meeting, John Morrison discussed the possibility of developing work on human rights due diligence and greater accountability in relation to land acquisition and restitution. 

Read the full speech here.

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