About the Forum

The 2018 Global Forum on Responsible Recruitment and Employment will take place on the 11th-12th June 2018 in Singapore.

The event is hosted by the Institute for Human Rights and Business, The Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment and the Consumer Goods Forum, supported by Humanity United. (Last year's Forum report can be found here).

It brings together global brands, suppliers, recruitment agencies, governments, and NGOs to discuss and examine the challenges of recruiting migrant workers, and how implementing ethical recruitment is vital in protecting workers from modern slavery as well as ensuring sustainable and efficient business operations. 

Venue – Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Day 1, 11th June

Delivering an Employer Pays Model of Recruitment in Global Supply Chains

Business initiatives to drive change

Stakeholders from business and civil society will share details about their efforts to develop sustainable models of recruitment and their progress in implementing the Employer Pays Principle. Discussion will be business-led and business-focused with a key aim of raising awareness and sharing best practice.

Day 2, 12th June

Frameworks for Responsible Recruitment

The role of Government in supporting responsible business

Stakeholders from business, intergovernmental organisations and national governments will discuss how effective governance of global recruitment corridors protects both workers and responsible business, combats forced labour and trafficking and promotes delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Who Should Attend?

The Forum will be of particular interest to business professionals responsible for sustainability, sourcing, supply chain management, procurement or compliance at global brands as well as their suppliers. Other attendees will include representatives of the recruitment industry, professional bodies, trade associations and government representatives.


The Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit –13th 15th June Singapore

The Global Forum for Responsible Recruitment and Employment will be followed by the CGF global summit. Further details here.

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