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The Global Forum's main activity on social media will take place on Twitter, where the organisers will be live tweeting key reflections and recommendations from participants. Use the social media toolkit below to join the conversation. 


Forum Hashtags

#GFRR2019       #EmployerPays      #ResponsibleRecruitment      #MigrantWorkers


Sample Tweets

  • The Global Forum for #ResponsibleRecruitment is a community of businesses, NGOs, and governments dedicated to advancing practices that respect the rights of #MigrantWorkers. Join the conversation at #GFRR2019.
  • The #EmployerPays Principle: No worker should pay for a job - the costs of recruitment should be borne not by the worker but by the employer. #GFRR2019
  • The #EmployerPays Principle is being increasingly adopted by businesses and governments around the world – things are changing; change is inevitable. #GFRR2019
  • There is a clear role for business in promoting change across their supply chains to achieve #ResponsibleRecruitment of #MigrantWorkers around the world. #GFRR2019
  • #MigrantWorkers know what #ResponsibleRecruitment should look like in practice. Brands and agencies must include them in the conversation. #GFRR2019
  • #CollectiveAction is a key driver of change - to achieve #ResponsibleRecruitment globally, all actors must come together to turn the business model on its head. #GFRR2019
  • Governments are beginning to mobilise around #ResponsibleRecruitment, and businesses must engage to drive    increased political engagement around the world. #GFRR2019


Organisers' Handles

  • Humanity United: @HumanityUnited
  • Humanity United - Dan Viederman (Managing Director): @DViederman
  • IHRB - John Morrison (Chief Executive): @Jomo1966
  • IHRB - Neill Wilkins (Head of Migrant Workers Programme): @NeillWilkins
  • International Organization for Migration (IOM): @UNMigration
  • Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment - Kevin Hyland (Chair): @KevinHyland63
  • Migrant Forum in Asia: @mfasia_


Participants' Handles

  • ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights - Elise Tillet (Research & Advocacy Director): @EliseTillet
  • Consumer Goods Forum: @CGF_Sus
  • Consumer Goods Forum - Didiet Bergeret (Director Social Sustainability & SSCI): @DBergeret 
  • Ethical Trading Initiative - Cindy Berman (Head of Modern Slavery Strategy): @cindy0berman
  • Fair/Square Projects - James Lynch (Director): @jpmlynch
  • HP Inc - Karen Kahn (Chief Communications Officer): @karenkahn
  • HP Inc - Tian Chong Ng (President, Asia Pacific and Japan): @TianChongNg
  • Human Rights Watch - Phil Robertson (Deputy Asia Director): @Reaproy
  • Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility (ICCR): @ICCROnline
  • ICCR - David Schilling (Senior Program Director - Human Rights & Resources): @dschilling44
  • International Labour Organization (ILO): @ILO
  • ILO - Alix Nasri (Technical Specialist, Qatar): @alix_nasri 
  • ILO - Houtan Houmayanpour (Head of ILO Project Office for the State of Qatar): @Houtan_ILO
  • International Labor Rights Forum: @ILRF
  • International Tourism Partenrship: @ITP_News 
  • International Tourism Partenrship - BITC: @BITC
  • International Tourism Partenrship - Madhu Rajesh (Director): @madhurajesh
  • Marks & Spencer - Vicky Dodman (Senior Ethical Trade and Human Rights Manager): @VickyDodman
  • Mars - Heidi Koester Oliveira (Human Rights, Sustainability & Engagement): @HeidiKoester 
  • Mars - Marika McCauley Sine (Vice President, Global Sustainability): @mmccauleysine 
  • Migrant Forum Asia (MFA)/Emigrants Welfare Forum - Pravasi Mithra: @Pravasi_Mithra
  • National Immigration Forum: @NatImmForum
  • National Immigration Forum - Ali Noorani (Executive Director): @anoorani
  • Nestlé - Barbara Wettstein (Public Affairs): @Barb_Wettstein 
  • Tesco - Rachel Munns (Human Rights Manager): @rachel_munns
  • Thai Union - Darian McBain (Global Director, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability): @DarianMcBain
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation: @TRF_Stories
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation - Nanchanok Wongsamuth (Slavery Correspondent): @nanchanokw
  • UN Development Programme (UNDP) - Achim Steiner (Administrator): @ASteiner
  • UNDP - Asia Pacific: @UNDPasiapac
  • UNDP - Victoria de Mello (Regional Project Coordinator, Business and Human Rights): @VictoriadeMell_
  • Unilever - Marcella Manubens (Global VP for Integrated Social Sustainability): @MarcelaManubens
  • USAID Thailand CTIP project - Sara Piazzano (Chief of Party): @sara17430761
  • Verité: @VeriteNews
  • Verité - Daryll Delgado (Research and Stakeholder Engagement Lead): @daryll_reads
  • Walmart - Anbinh Phan (Director, Global Government Affairs): @anbinh_phan


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