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Safeguarding Rights in the Big Data Revolution - Wilton Park

13 June 2016 Steyning

Reliance on technology has resulted in a data explosion. As individuals, we create and release data about ourselves and our activities every minute of every day. Sources of data continue to grow in variety and complexity. Experts estimate that 90% of all the data in the world was created in the last 2 years. 

Due to the scale and different kinds of data being generated, implementing safeguards for privacy and other rights has become more challenging. This issue does not solely affect ICT companies. In the near future, every company will be an ICT company to some extent, with increasing reliance on internet-enabled products and services. 

IHRB and Wilton Park have joined forces again to host an an invitation only, multi-stakeholder roundtable event, with support from Ericsson AB.

This meeting provides an opportunity to explore ways in which to ensure the potential benefits of big data are fully realised, while implementing safeguards to protect privacy, non-discrimination and other important human rights. 


Through a mix of plenary and break out discussion, the off the record roundtable meeting will bring together up to 55 stakeholders including government, business and civil society from a range of countries in order to:

  • Explore the opportunities and risks of big data in the ICT sector and beyond.
  • Examine current regulatory regimes, including informed consent to understand the implications of big data with regard to respecting rights.
  • Identify current best practice by companies across sectors with regards to respecting privacy.


The proposed outcomes of the meeting include:

  • Further understanding of the practical steps companies can take to ensure rights are respected in the collection, processing, storing and sharing of big data.
  • Explore the prospect of establishing a multi-stakeholder, cross-sector leadership platform of business leaders, civil society, academia and experts with a commitment to privacy protection, increasing transparency and accountability and providing a focal point for discussion and action. 
  • A roadmap to creating a set of rights based principles, embedding privacy considerations into company practice when collecting, storing and sharing data, towards increased transparency and trust.

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