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Update on CHRB Timeframe

18 August 2016.

Since launching the Pilot Benchmark in March 2016, we have been hard at work putting the methodology into practice by researching and engaging with the top 100 companies selected for the Pilot Benchmark.  

Throughout this ambitious initiative, many stakeholders have advised us to take our time and ensure that we get it right, and we have decided this is a moment to do so. During the research phase we have been pleased with level of the information found in companies own documentation and websites as well as the level of disclosure that companies have provided through the CHRB disclosure platform. Taking this into consideration we must ensure we review these expansive disclosures with rigor, and processing this amount of information is having a knock-on effect on our original timelines.

Taking this into consideration we will now take additional time to our originally planned timeline and we plan to release the Pilot Benchmark results in early 2017.

This additional time will allow us to add a further review stage to our research and assurance process. This is especially important during this first Pilot Benchmark so that we are able to crosscheck all indicators and ensure that the results that we present are robust, credible and provide a fair and scrutinised analysis.

We will continue to provide updates over the upcoming months.

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