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Conscious Living TV: 6 People Who Make Human Rights Their Everyday Mission

10 December 2018

On the 70th annual Human Rights Day, HP celebrates our partners and heroes working to improve the lives of workers and their families around the world...

John Morrison, Chief Executive, Institute for Human Rights and Business

“Businesses are very powerful actors in the world today, particularly the multinationals,” says John Morrison. An anthropologist by training, Morrison worked in refugee protection and human trafficking in the former Yugoslavia and cut his teeth on human rights working as the public affairs director for The Body Shop, the British cosmetics company founded by Anita Roddick that pioneered ethical consumerism. Now the head of the Institute for Human Rights and Business, a London-based human rights think tank (or “think and do tank,” as he likes to call it), Morrison helps global corporations target human rights abuses in countries where they do business. He works on emerging issues in the global supply chain such as migrant workers paying recruitment fees instead of their employers and being treated by unscrupulous brokers as a commodity that can be transferred over international borders. “Millions of workers are having to in effect pay for their jobs by giving huge amounts of money to intermediaries,” he says. "We wouldn't expect our children to have to buy their jobs, why would we expect millions of people to mortgage their houses and their lands to do so?"

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