Responsible Recruitment in Practice

The Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment calls for the Employer Pays Principle to be embedded in corporate and government policy and practice and aims to develop a roadmap of concrete actions to help companies implement the Principle within their supply chains.

To build this capacity, the Responsible Recruitment Framework focuses on mapping risks and developing responses regarding recruitment fees, creating tools to support the total eradication of fees being charged to workers.


Current tools available within the Responsible Recruitment Framework include:

Six Steps to Responsible Recruitment: Implementing the Employer Pays Principle

The Employer Pays Principle requires companies to commit to bearing the costs of recruitment. This short guide breaks down the six steps every company should take to know and show they are meeting the commitment in practice.


Migrant Worker Recruitment Fees: The Increasing Debt Burden

Recruiting migrant workers comprises a range of costs, all of which should be met by the employer. Workers often bear the costs of some or all of these expenses, plus substantial facilitation payments. These costs and the interest on loans taken out to pay them can leave workers in situations of debt bondage. This briefing provides examples of the types of fees migrant workers can accrue from the pre-departure stage, in transit, and to the point of arrival.