IHRB is registered as a charity in the UK (and certified as equivalent to a U.S. public organization) and relies on donations from a range of sources to implement its work. It is also a parent company of the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB), based in Yangon.

IHRB accepts funding from governments, civil society and business (our three core constituencies).  Donations are always objectively procured to ensure IHRB’s independence and impartiality. IHRB undertakes advisory work with governments and inter-governmental bodies on a contractual basis. IHRB does not provide specific paid-for services or consulting to any business other than for human rights training. It does not undertake commissioned research on behalf of individual companies. Business donations to IHRB go into core funding with no conditions attached or into support for IHRB's leadership platforms.

IHRB’s total operating budget for 2017 was £2.3 million with a balance of approximately 57% of contributions coming from governments, 18% from foundations and 25% from business.

Funding Enquiries

All funding enquiries and expressions of interest in supporting IHRB’s activities should be sent directly to: [email protected]

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