CHRB Draft Framework and Indicators for Global Consultation

08 July 2015

The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, an initiative driven by Aviva Investors, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Calvert Investments, Eiris, IHRB and VBDO to create the world's first wide-scale benchmark on corporate human rights performance, has today published the draft methodology for the pilot benchmark. The draft Framework Paper for Multistakeholder Consultations provides an overview of the CHRB framework and development process, as well as the rationale and aims of the CHRB, initial understanding of the CHRB draft Methodology and process for public input and finalisation in advance of the first pilot Benchmark. Accompanying the Framework document is the CHRB draft List of Indicators.

Both documents have been published for global consultations throughout the next three months. The documents will be revised in light of public input and a final CHRB Methodology published in March 2016.

Read the draft CHRB Framework Paper and Indicators here.

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