Business in Armed Conflict Zones

Report, 10 January 2011

The Swiss Federal Dept of Foreign Affairs publishes the journal Politorbis several times a year. Its 50th issue (3/2010) is about "Dealing with the Past". The issue focuses on grave crimes during armed conflict.

Massive human rights violations, crimes against humanity, massacres and in some cases genocide are committed in conflict situations. Dealing with the past and the fight against impunity contribute to peace promotion and restoration of the rule of law.

Switzerland believes that dealing with the past is an essential instrument for the promotion of human security and lasting peace. This issue of Politorbis illustrates the Swiss conceptual approach in this domain and presents expert analysis of different aspects of this inter-disciplinary topic in post-conflict situations.

Salil Tripathi, IHRB's Policy Director, has contributed the chapter: "Business in Armed Conflict Zones: How to Avoid Complicity and Comply with International Standards." 

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