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Home Government Incentives Toward Responsible Business Conduct

In a globalized marketplace, companies often operate in areas where host state regulation is lacking or where host governments may struggle to enforce their own laws.

The ‘governance gap’- the gap between...

22 March 2017

By Margaret Wachenfeld, Managing Director, Themis Research; Senior Research Fellow, IHRB

Shifting Sands in Myanmar

Some of the poorest people in Southeast Asia are those that test their luck drilling for oil in the sand and mangrove swamps of the Rakhine State in Myanmar (Burma). There is no mechanical drill, everything is done by hand. To reach a depth of 100m...

16 March 2017

By John Morrison, Chief Executive, IHRB

A Contentious Connection - Business and Women’s Rights

The relationship between business and women’s rights activists and advocates has always been contentious, and more frequently, rife with suspicion and hostility, especially in the global South.  This is not, unfortunately, without reason.

Not only...

08 March 2017

By Srilatha Batliwala, Director, Knowledge Building & Feminist Leadership, Creative Resources for Empowerment in Action

The Case for an Australian Modern Slavery Act

Australian consumers, businesses, and now lawmakers, are waking up to the brutal reality of modern slavery within Australia and the slave trade fuelling global supply chains.

Many people and organisations unwittingly...

27 February 2017

By Shaeron Yapp, Consultant, Walk Free Foundation, Fiona David, Executive Director of Global Research, Walk Free Foundation

Making Economic Globalization Work for All - Speech by Prof. John Ruggie

This speech was originally published on

In this keynote address to the G20 Labour and Employment Meeting in Hamburg, Guiding Principles author John Ruggie argues that effectively managed global supply chains can be significant...

22 February 2017

By John Ruggie, Author of the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights and IHRB Chair