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Business, Human Rights and Peace: Modern Challenges in a Historical Context

Speech, 11 September 2012

By John Morrison, Chief Executive, IHRB

IHRB's Executive Director John Morrison was asked to make the keynote speech at the FDFA Annual Conference, Human Security Division. There he discussed the modern challenges and historical contexts of business, human rights and peace.  He started by saying:

"I would like to use my remarks today to reaffirm my conviction that responsible business, investment, trade and commerce can serve the greater good of society, and help promote peace within and between nations. In doing so, I will begin by suggesting that it is worth looking back briefly at what history teaches us about how peace and greater protection of human rights is achieved.

"Then I’ll take stock of current efforts to make progress in this area. Finally, I will offer some recommendations on where we need to go from here to ensure that all actors contribute constructively to resolving ongoing conflict and building more peaceful societies where respect for human rights is ensured for all."

Read the full speech here.

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