Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Control of the Supply Chain

Speech, 28 October 2009

By John Morrison, Chief Executive, IHRB

"Business and Human Rights: Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Control of the Supply Chain" was the name of the International Conference which took place Wednesday in the Italian Parliament buildings in Rome.

IHRB's Executive Director John Morrison delivered the keynote speech on the importance of the 'Protect, Respect and Remedy' framework.

Valore Sociale (Social Value) is an Italian human rights & environmental certification programme, designed especially for small & medium companies. A non profit association, its principal aim is to contribute to the growth of culture of Corporate Social Responsability. Founded in 2006, the association comprises six of the most prolific civil society organisations in operation in Italy: ActionAid, ARCI Nuova Associazione, Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica, Mani Tese, Movimento Consumatori and UCODEP.

Following the plenary session, the first roundtable in the afternoon focused on the role of social and environmental certification as an important tool to help ensure the environmental and social monitoring on the production and supply chain.

The final session then sought proposals for a new definition of CSR, based on instruments that involve all stakeholders and aimed at preventing a negative impact on human rights and the environment.

Read the full speech here.

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