Sustainable Procurement - Business & Ethics in Globalised Value Chains

Speech, 26 March 2014

By John Morrison, Chief Executive, IHRB

IHRB's Executive Director John Morrison was invited by Deutsche Telekom to Bonn to make the keynote speech at the Sustainable Procurement Dialogue Day. He focused on business and ethics in global value chains, and started by saying: 

"I would like to thank Deutsche Telekom for inviting The Institute for Human Rights and Business to make this keynote speech at the Sustainable Procurement Dialogue Day. In the next minutes I would like to reflect with all of you on five key questions :

  • Why are human rights necessary for the social sustainability of any business?

  • What trends will the ICT sector need to address in this area in the time ahead?

  • How should any ICT business be thinking about human rights issues?

  • What are some of the good practices emerging?

  • And, where will we be in five years time?"

Read the full speech here.

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