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The Glasgow Commonwealth Games - Upholding Human Rights, Preventing Forced Labour and Trafficking

18 December 2013

Glasgow Commonwealth Games

On 22 October 2013 in Glasgow, the Scottish Human Rights Commission, Anti-Slavery International and the Institute for Human Rights and Business jointly convened policy makers, business representatives and other organisations to discuss and share information about human rights and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014, particularly issues concerning human trafficking, forced labour and the role of public procurement.

The Glasgow Commonwealth Games scheduled for July 2014 are an occasion to showcase all that is best about Scotland and will deliver key opportunities for Scottish business both during the Games and in the longer term. With increased attention will also come greater scrutiny on a range of issues, including those relating to human rights and in particular forced labour and trafficking. Some of these issues will be directly related to the Games, while others reflect pre-existing systemic challenges for Scottish businesses and policymakers. The Commonwealth Games therefore presents a unique opportunity to examine the roles and responsibilities of government and business in ensuring respect for human rights, including preventing forced labour and trafficking.

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