Responsible Recruitment Resource Bank

Compiled by the national federations of the World Employment Confederation

Guidance highlighting best practice models for companies looking to implement ethical recruitment policies.

Principles that employers and migrant recruiters should respect at each stage of recruitment and employment to ensure migration with dignity.

IHRB briefing on the human rights risks to migrant workers of recruitment fees.

ILO initiative aiming to foster fair recruitment practices, prevent human trafficking and reduce the costs of labour migration.

General principles and operational guidelines for fair recruitment and definition of recruitment fees and related costs.

Maps common recruitment practices along recruitment pathways to garment & textile work in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Jordan and Lebanon.

Project promoting ethical recruitment policies in global supply chains.

Guidance to help hotels perform the right due diligence to reduce the risk of trafficking in the labour supply chain.

Briefing from the International Organisation of Employers summarising its position on migration systems.

Certification scheme for ethical recruitment agencies.

Review platform of recruitment agencies based on migrant workers experiences.

Briefing document detailing all the costs that comprise migrant worker debt burden.

Easy step-by-step guide for businesses to implement the Employer Pays Principle.

A practical toolkit for all businesses committed to recruiting responsibly, and eliminating recruitment and employment fees charged to workers in supply chains.

A multi-stakeholder business-led initiative aiming to reduce forced labour, labour trafficking and other hidden third party exploitation of workers.

Business organisation which drives improvement in responsible business practice through sharing information and data.

GLAA briefing on job-finding fees and providing additional services.

Report examining five areas in which digital platforms are being developed to protect and empower migrant workers.

A fair hiring framework for responsible business, including definitions and case studies.

Offers tools, guidance, and approaches to support the responsible recruitment and hiring of migrant workers in global supply chains.

Details human rights risks and best practice in over 50 federal procurement sectors.

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