Responsible Recruitment Resource Bank

Annual initiative that rates countries according to their efforts to prevent forced labour and trafficking.

Report focussing on ethical labour recruitment in supply chains.

This paper is part of the IOM Migration Research Leaders Syndicate’s series on Ideas on Migrant Worker Safeguards.

Report examining effectiveness and impact of jobseeker empowerment and ethical recruitment efforts by the Institute to date.

Report examining five areas in which digital platforms are being developed to protect and empower migrant workers.

IHRB report on the human rights implications of Japan’s Technical Intern Training Programme (TITP).

Report on the recruitment of the migrant labour force in the Gulf construction industry.

Profiles six multi-national companies who have sought to address access to remedy by reimbursing workers found to have paid fees.

Offers practical guidance to businesses seeking to recruit responsibly in challenging environments.

A guide for countries of origin governments on international obligations relating to migrant workers.

Video chronicling the ILO’s effort to establish a corridor to recruit fairly workers from Nepal to Jordan to work in the ready-made garment sector.

Lays down the business case for private employment services and employers of ethical recruitment.

IHRB/Hogan Lovells LLP report reviewing eight jurisdictions.

Video about debt bondage and exploitative "loans" that trap thousands of people across Asia into working off a debt impossible to repay.

Research briefing looking how inward and outward migrant workers in China are vulnerable to exploitation through excessive recruitment fees

An exploratory study on the role of corruption in international labour migration.

Briefing paper including recommendations to address recruitment fees in hiring and employment practices.

This working paper of the Fair Labour Initiative looks at recruitment regulation in the supply chain using a variety of case studies.

Details human rights risks and best practice in over 50 federal procurement sectors.

Offers step-by-step guidance to employment & recruitment agencies implementing the corporate responsibility to respect human rights.

Report detailing how recruitment practices exploit migrant workers.

Position paper from the International Organisation of Employers setting out its views on international labour migration.

Lists steps businesses can take to address this practice and its associated risk of labour abuse.

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