Built Environment

Migrant Worker Accommodation

Briefing, 21 February 2019

The quality of workers’ living environment has a major effect on their physical and psychological well-being. The provision of decent housing is an important sign that businesses respect and value their employees, and is shown to enhance productivity. Many businesses report that new workers settle into their roles much faster when they live in decent and dignified accommodation. Conversely, poor housing conditions can lead to workers becoming demotivated and unwell, with obvious implications for their ability to perform their work effectively.

This IHRB Briefing provides an overview of the human rights risks posed to migrant workers via the practices surrounding accommodation provision. It includes information on:

  • the international legal standards
  • defining decent and adequate housing 
  • what businesses should do
  • key resources 
  • and more


This Briefing forms part of a larger series, including briefings on migrant worker wages and payslips as well as on trade unions



Photo credit: Flickr/Richard Messenger

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