Commodities take many forms. They are the basis of the world’s natural resources, and form the backbone of much global commerce. IHRB’s focus on commodities centres around the extractives sector, including oil, gas and mining activities. Our work is aimed at improving the governance and operations of the sector to prevent human rights impacts, and to develop options for remedies at each step of the extractives value chain, so that communities, businesses and governments can benefit from natural resource endowments in a balanced and accountable manner.

IHRB supports governments with in-depth analysis of the ways sector-level policy and legal frameworks can better protect human rights. We utilise data-driven tools to model and quantify the human rights impacts of extractive operations. We bring together extractives companies, communities, civil society, national human rights institutions and academia to collectively engage in identifying human rights solutions to key challenges and dilemmas and promote the uptake of global norms on human rights, transparency and governance. IHRB is also working to develop human rights guidance for commodities trading firms.