Responsible Recruitment Resource Bank

Adidas Group's guidelines on employment standards.

A multi-stakeholder initiative led by the ILO to work towards Sustainable Development Goal 8.7 to combat forced labour and trafficking.

Works to ensure that foreign-educated professionals are recruited in a fair, ethical, and transparent manner for employment in the U.S.

NGO seeking to challenge moden slavery in all sectors and locations.

Apple's Supplier Responsibility Standards, supplementing its Supplier Code of Conduct.

Association of recruitment agencies and service contractors who do not collect any placement fees from the Filipino overseas workers.

UK trade association promoting responsible recruitment for labour providers.

Civil society organisation that tracks companies' involvement in and response to human rights abuses.

Membership organisation which promotes and advises companies on responsible business.

Centro de los Derechos del Migrantes: NGO seeking to protect and defend the rights of migrant workers in the USA / Mexico corridor.

Useful information on relevant ministries and legislation in the 12 member countries of the Colombo Process.

Migrant worker rights portal and workers' reviews of recruitment agents.

IHRB/Hogan Lovells LLP report reviewing eight jurisdictions.

Alliance of companies, trade unions and civil society organisations which promote key standards in workplaces and business relationships.

Collaboration between companies, universities, colleges and civil society organisations which promote key workplace standard.

Annual gathering of government bodies and civil society to discuss the impacts of migration on development.

HP's supply chain foreign migrant worker standard guidance document.

Guidance highlighting best practice models for companies looking to implement ethical recruitment policies.

Principles that employers and migrant recruiters should respect at each stage of recruitment and employment to ensure migration with dignity.

Report including recommendations for tackling recruitment fees and retention of workers' passports.

IHRB report on the human rights implications of Japan’s Technical Intern Training Programme (TITP).

IHRB briefing on the human rights risks to migrant workers of recruitment fees.

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