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Why Should a Worker Pay for a Job?

The Problem

Many migrant workers end up in debt bondage, sometimes for years, with the value of their remittances severely eroded.

We all know that global supply chains rely on low-waged workers. Migrant workers...

10 January 2017

Standing Rock Sioux - A Model for Protection of Planet and its People

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe met with representatives of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) on October 30, 2014 and learned of their plans to build the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), a 1,172 pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois that would carry...

21 December 2016

By David Schilling, Senior Program Director, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

From Deal Maker to Diplomat? Business and Human Rights Questions for Rex Tillerson

What does the nomination of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be the next United States Secretary of State mean for the business and human rights agenda?

The selection of Mr. Tillerson is the latest move by a President-elect who campaigned on the...

19 December 2016

By Scott Jerbi, Senior Advisor, Policy & Outreach, IHRB

Recruitment Practices Must be Part of Sustainable Development Strategies

One in every 17 workers is a migrant worker. Their efforts are a ubiquitous feature of all global supply chains. There is little that we eat, wear or use that has not seen the involvement of migrant workers at some stage of its production.


13 December 2016

By Neill Wilkins, Programme Manager, Migrant Workers, IHRB

Protecting Workers Building Sporting Venues –  Progress in Qatar

Mega-sporting events focus attention on human rights, however, it is often for a fleeting moment. It requires a great sense of urgency if improvements are to take place. In construction, it means a big, but temporary surge in activity for stadiums,...

28 November 2016

By Jim Baker